CM Mamata Banerjee vs Metro row

The TMC asserted that Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of Bengal, had not received an invitation to the railway ministry event, which was to inaugurate the Sealdah Metro station of the East-West circuit in Kolkata on Monday (July 11, 2022).
Hours later, meanwhile, a rail source claimed that the CM is now being invited to the inauguration ceremony.
“The CM is being invited, as is MP Sudip Banerjee. Both MLA Nayana Banerjee and MP Prasoon Banerjee have been invited.
The source stated that the mayor and the governor will also be invited.
On Monday, July 11, the Metro from Sealdah to Sector 5 will open. However, starting tomorrow, no one will be allowed to utilise the metro. They must wait till Thursday.

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