Rinku Singh wins the last-over thriller for the Kolkata Knight Riders with 5 sixes in 5 balls.


In the final five balls of the game, Rinku Singh blasted five sixes, giving Kolkata Knight Riders a thrilling three-wicket victory over Gujarat Titans in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 on Sunday. Umesh Yadav took a single to give Rinku the strike against quick bowler Yash Dayal with 29 runs needed in the last over. The following three deliveries were full-tosses, and Rinku did not err in distributing them to different parts of the earth. Dayal attempted to bowl a slower length ball with 10 runs remaining, but it again failed. Rinku immediately recognised the final ball of the game after making contact as it was once again a slower back of the length ball.

Bollywood Star Ranveer Singh was all ga ga after seeing the knock and wrote on instagram RINKU..RINKU..RINKU.. Sharukh Khan Son Wrote BEAST posting a photo of Rinku Singh on instagram and Suhana Khan shared a post saying its “UNREAL”

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