Enjoy and perform : VK to RCB women team


Nice Gesture! Great Motivator VK went to them, delivered and the women RCB team is now in a different mood .

Virat Kohli met with RCB women’s team and gave his valuable advice to the team – King Kohli.

What he delivered?

Virat Kohli said – “Keep the heads high, keep the excitement alive and this is the real test for you. If you have won 5 in a row, I wouldn’t even pick up the call to come here to be honest. I’m just here to tell you that this is what will help you learn, not winning 5 wins a row”.

Virat Kohli to the RCB WPL team said “I have been playing IPL for 15 years, I haven’t won yet but that doesn’t stop me from being excited, that’s the effort I can put in. Always think about the opportunity rather than how bad it is now”.

The first time, a women’s T20 league has been started in India organized by the BCCI.

Virat Kohli also said – “If nothing happens post these 3 games, the chance to walk away after 3 games with your head held high is sometimes more important than reaching the knockouts of a particular tournament. Because these build a lot of character for you guys”.

This RCB women team captain is Smriti Mandhana. She also gets extra motivation after that VK session.

Best silver line is : “Unexpected and unfortunate things can happen, but you have to turn this around”, said Virat Kohli.

By Dipankar Guha


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