Price of Cooking Gas Cylinders Increased by Rs.50


With effect from today, the price of a 14.2 kilogramme domestic LPG cylinder has increased by 50 rupees.

The home cylinder will now cost RS 1103 per cylinder in Delhi due to the most recent modification.

Moreover, a 19 kilogramme commercial LPG cylinder now costs 350.50 more. Due to this rise, a 19 kilogramme commercial cylinder in Delhi will cost 2119.50.

New prices are in effect as of right now. From today, the 14.2 Kg LPG cylinder will be sold in Delhi for Rs 1103 instead of Rs 1053. This cylinder will cost 1102.5 in Mumbai instead of 1052.50. It will cost 1129 rupees in Kolkata instead of 1079, and 1118.5 in Chennai instead of 1068.50. This is the second increase in the cost of a commercial LPG cylinder this year. Commercial cylinder costs had previously raised by Rs25 per unit beginning on January 1.

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